Zero Trust Remote Access

Simple, multi-cloud, remote application access for contractors, developers, partners, and employees

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Contractor Access

Enables administrators to provide fine-grained, temporary access to contractors, limiting by APIs, geo-location, and more. Same great user experience as employees.

Developer Access

Agile, secure access to company's crown jewels, improving developer productivity. Also supports non-web protocols such as SSH and Windows RDP to access cloud resources.

Employee Access

Gives employees on authorized devices convenient, reliable, direct access to individual applications. Great user experience without cumbersome, fragile client software.

Zero Trust Security Mesh

For today's extended enterprise, Banyan makes it easy to give users and mobile devices, secure and tailored remote access, independent of any complex network and VPN setups. The result is increased compliance and tightened security for corporate applications such as Atlassian Confluence, Microsoft Sharepoint, and Oracle E-Business Suite running in public clouds such as AWS, Azure, and GCP.

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Why Use Banyan?

Zero Trust access

Don’t rely on privileged networks. Instead, explicitly authorize every request based on user, device, and application context.

Make your access surface invisible

Restrict access to trusted endpoints; ensure your sensitive internal apps are never exposed to the public internet.

Future proof

Cloud is the new normal. Adopt an architecture designed for modern cloud deployments that can scale with you.

Reduce cost by 5x

Your apps are moving to the cloud; stop depending on VPN appliances that are hard to deploy and complex to manage.

Superior user experience

Direct connectivity from user to app without man-in-the-middle clouds or extra hops through VPN appliances.

Installs in under 10 minutes

Click, deploy, done. No complex network or application changes needed. Make setup and managing access painless.