Continuous Zero Trust Platform

Continuous authorization for today's dynamic workforce and distributed applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments

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What is Banyan?

Multi-cloud access proxy

Securely cloak cloud applications from malicious attacks or inadvertent exposure using light-weight distributed controls.

Trust-scored authorization

Provide least privileged continuous access control based on user, device, application, time, location context, and more.

API-level event analytics

Enable visibility into who has access to what, when, and where, and compliance for GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI.

Example Use Cases

Limited Contractor Access

Enables administrators to provide fine-grained, temporary access to contractors, limiting by APIs, geo, devices, and more. Same great user experience as employees.

Secure Developer Access

Agile, secure access to company's crown jewels, improving developer productivity. Also supports non-web protocols such as SSH and Windows RDP to access cloud resources.

Transparent App Access

Enables transparent authentication and API-level authorization between applications. Works seamlessly all the way from micro-services to remote partner accesses.