Organizations have traditionally deployed Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology to provide secure remote access to their employees and contractors. Now, as internal corporate applications move to AWS and Azure, and remote users access these applications from their favorite cafes and multiple devices, traditional VPNs place critical limitations and risks on an organization.

Inspired by the Google BeyondCorp enterprise security model, Banyan’s Private Access solution shifts access controls from the network perimeter to individual users and devices, and the services and hosts they access. At the heart of the solution is the Secure Service Mesh that inserts application-layer controls independent of the network and transparent to users and services, delivering a seamless remote access experience that users want and the enhanced security that enterprises need.

Distributed trust model

Deliver enhanced security where access control is not reliant on perimeter appliances. Applications are invisible to untrusted devices and users do not have broad access to the network.

Standard authentication protocols

Users get fast, direct, secure access to apps via Mutual-auth TLS and OpenID Connect workflows. No proprietary fragile clients needed.

Architected for multi-cloud

Leverage the public cloud’s native capabilities (such as AWS ALB and Azure Load Balancer). Enforce consistent policies across cloud and on-prem environments.

Leverage open-source community

Accelerate enterprise-wide adoption while avoiding vendor lock-in. Provide unified controls for user-to-app and app-to-app communications.

"Once we migrated our corporate apps to Azure, our remote users suffered from horrendously slow VPN connectivity. Banyan enabled us to roll out our own version of the Google BeyondCorp enterprise security model while providing our users fast and secure access to apps in the cloud."
CISO, Life Sciences Enterprise

Banyan seamlessly integrates with Identity Providers and Enterprise Device Managers