Meet NetViz: Lightweight, on-host, deep packet inspection


Auto-discovers all services and their communication patterns in your single, multi- or hybrid- cloud environments. Tracks historical changes in network activity to manage system reliability.


Uncovers blindspots in your networks (e.g., hidden clients, ephemeral processes, intra-host communication). Provides L7 resource and process level visibility to analyze suspicious network activity and generate audit trails for compliance.


Enables real-time analyses of all app-level transactions (no sampling) using a powerful visualization UI. Understands the complex interactions in unmodified distributed apps to pinpoint performance bottlenecks.

Service-centric, application-level insights

Look beyond just hosts and containers. NetViz understands your services, apps and their interactions. Employing sophisticated layer-7 protocol parsing (not port-based) and stream analytics, NetViz provides application-level transaction data (e.g., Throughput, 95% Response Time) and their changes over time.

Network flow visibility deepened to the application resource and process

Use our powerful Network Map to explore and drill down nodes and links for analyzing network flows between Services down to application resources (e.g., URIs, SQL Tables) and processes/containers. Play with the intuitive Grouping, Search and Filter capabilities to visualize communication patterns at different granularities.

Works across a wide variety of environments

By design, NetViz is completely independent of application code and network infrastructure. It currently supports several Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Centos, RedHat) and understands popular L7 protocols and cluster managers (with more support on the way).

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