Image details

Visibility where you need it

Banyan collects metadata from your Docker images using our open-source Collector. We run the metadata through our static analysis engine to present you with actionable insights.

Images can be analyzed at every point in their lifecycle - at Build, at the Registry, or at Runtime.

Know as soon as a security vulnerability is discovered

Banyan monitors security advisories for all major Linux distros. If a security vulnerability affects one of your images, we will notify you within minutes. You can easily identify and quickly quarantine vulnerable images.

Your team will be well-prepared the next time a Shellshock, Heartbleed or Poodle security issue strikes.

Seamlessly add vulnerability scanning to your DevOps workflow

Test your Docker images as a regular part of your Continuous Deployment process
  • Create rules that your Docker containers should follow

  • Be alerted any time an image is not in compliance

  • Quickly run custom checks across all your images

  • Use Banyan's powerful search capabilities to track down potential issues

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